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 Mental health problems and the subsequent intolerance and isolation are some of the most prevalent, yet least discussed issues facing parents and kids today.


Our kids are over-scheduled, overstimulated, and dealing with challenges and questions that adults could never have imagined. Add in undiagnosed issues and willful ignorance, limited resources, or laziness on the part of those who we believed were our support system, and you’ll get a glimpse of the obstacles we had to overcome to navigate the first twelve years of our son’s life.

Our son was sick, suffering, and broken and we had no idea how to heal, help, or fix him.


His three suicide attempts before he was eleven years old were our final wake-up call.


Although he survived, our family was left without a roadmap. We’d start down a path, hit a wall, turn around, and begin again.


Thankfully, with help, we found our way. Not only did we get through extraordinarily difficult times with a suicidal son, but he went on to start a nationwide nonprofit organization and become a motivational speaker who led more that 150 full-school assemblies for students in grades five through twelve in sixteen states—all before he turned eighteen

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Justin's Story

My story really starts in elementary school. Back then I was a scared, insecure and lost kid with nothing close to an identity.


Lisa's Story

Lisa Bachman is a proud and loving wife of thirty-six years, the mother of three grown children, and grandmother to two little boys (so far).

“Hi thank you so much for inspiring me today I've been through kinda a lot and ur speech helped and ur a strong person and you inspired me to be more strong”

Emily - 10th Grade

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