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Lisa Bachman's Story

Lisa Bachman is a proud and loving wife of thirty-six years, the mother of three grown children, and grandmother to two little boys (so far). Never a person to back down from a challenge, she takes on her most difficult tests with tenacity.

At the start of her career, she was a computer programmer, but realized she’d rather talk with people than machines, and rose through the corporate ranks becoming project manager at Progressive and then a top sales producer at Cisco Systems. When her youngest child was born, she found the corporate world unable to meet her needs, so she left and launched a non-traditional marketing agency called All Points Connect. For eighteen years, she grew this thriving nationwide organization. Lisa enjoyed a decade of relationships with brands such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, NASCAR, Dunlop Tires, Sherwin Williams, Clear Channel, General Mills, Liquid Nails, CBS Sports, AEG, and many others all while raising three children and dealing with her youngest son’s mental health challenges.

When the call of her son’s nonprofit—Different Like You—tugged at her heartstrings, Lisa closed her company to concentrate on those efforts full time.

She is a published author and seasoned public speaker, focusing on topics ranging from raising children with differences, suicide prevention, Tourette Syndrome, volunteerism, non-profit organizations, and marketing.


Lisa will always stop to talk with a person in need.  She practices what she preaches both personally and professionally—striving to be someone who makes a difference and gives back as much and as often as possible.


Lisa never wants anyone to feel as alone as she once felt.

"Lisa Bachman was so insightful and had such a great way of sharing information through story telling.  Her message really made an impact on me."

Jennifer - Director of Human Resources

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